Irish Anti-Partition League + Captain Kelly Justice Campaign + Stormont Watch + Robert Emmet 1778-1803
United Irishmen
Dedicated to the principles of fraternity & equality espoused by Wolfe Tone, James Tandy, Thomas Russell, Robert Emmet and countless forgotten others.
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Original Declaration of the United Irishmen
FIRST RESOLVED -- That the weight of English influence on the Government of this country is so great as to require a cordial union among all the people of Ireland, to maintain that balance which is essential to the preservation of our liberties and the extension of our commerce.

SECOND -- That the sole constitutional mode by which this influence can be opposed is by a complete and radical reform of the representation of the people in Parliament.

THIRD -- That no reform is practicable, efficacious, or just, which shall not include Irishmen of every religious persuasion.

Satisfied, as we are, that the intestine divisions among Irishmen have too often given encouragement and impunity to profligate, audacious and corrupt administrations, in measure which, but for these divisions, they durst not have attempted, we submit our resolutions to the nation as the basis of our political faith. We have gone to what we conceive to be the root of the evil. We have stated what we conceive to be the remedy. With a Parliament thus reformed, everything is easy; without it, nothing can be done. And we do call on, and most earnestly exhort, our countrymen in general to follow our example, and to form similar societies in every quarter of the kingdom for the promotion of constitutional knowledge, the abolition of bigotry in religion and politics, and the equal distribution of the rights of men through all sects and denominations of Irishmen. The people, when thus collected, will feel their own weight, and secure that power which theory has already admitted to be their portion, and to which, if they be not aroused by their present provocation to vindicate it, they deserve to forfeit their pretensions for ever.
The United Irishmen & 18th Century Ireland
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Journals and Memoirs of Thomas Russell (History S.)
by C. J. Woods (Editor)

The Writings of Theobald Wolfe Tone, 1763-98
Theobald Wolfe Tone, T. W. Moody, R. B. McDowell, C. J. Woods

Wolfe Tone: Prophet of Irish Independence
Marianne Elliott

Rebellion: Ireland in 1798
Daniel Gahan; hardcover; also out in paperback

Rebels & Informers: Stirrings of Irish Independence
Oliver Knox

Neither Kingdom Nor Nation: The Irish Quest for Constitutional Rights, 1698-1800
Neil Longley York

The Men of No Property: Irish Radicals and Popular Politics in the Late Eighteenth Century
Jim Smyth; hardcover

The Fall and Rise of the Irish Nation: The Catholic Question, 1690-1830
Thomas Bartlett; hardcover

The Debate on the Union Between Great Britain and Ireland, 1797-1800
W.J. Mc Cormack (Editor)

Ireland and the French Revolution
Hugh Gough, David Dickson (Editor)

The French Disease: The Catholic Church and Irish Radicalism, 1790-1800
Daire Keogh

A Deeper Silence: The Hidden Origins of the United Irish Movement
A.T.Q. Stewart

Partners in Revolution: The United Irishmen and France
Marianne Elliott

Remembering Robert Emmet 1778-1803 Celts, A New Journey - has lots of interesting information about Limerick City and County. The Blarney Canning Company
An Irish-American Experience

Mayo History and Museums - information on the history and the museums of County Mayo in the west of Ireland.

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